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Hildur Rut

Life Lover


2018, July, Iceland

Guns and Roses

Co Office Manager


2017, August-September, Croatia

Dimensions and Outlook Festivals

Site Office and Event Control Manager    


2014 - 2017, June, Iceland

Secret Solstice

Site Office Manager  (2017) 

MMS for vendors and off venues (2016) 

Bar manager  (2014) 

2016 – 2017, Iceland

Hotel Reykjavik Apartments

Reception Supervisor   

2005 – 2016, Iceland

Various part-time jobs

Sales consultant, shift manager, collecting data and bartending.  


Icelandic 98%
English 88%
Spanish 55%
Danish 25%

About Me

An Icelandic viking girl, young professional with good experience in event production and organizing office operations. Communication, negotiation and relationship-building skills with excellent leadership and the ability to ‘make things happen’. Currently looking for a new project and challenges to undertake. 


2018, Chile & Peru & Colombia

Nano degree in UX design

Nomad MBA -> nomad.mba


2013-2017, Iceland

BSc Engineer Management

University of Reykjavik 


2017-2018, Barcelona

Project Employment

Dpointgroup, creating videos and marketing on Social Media 


2017, Barcelona

Project Employment

Teaching public speaking and lectures


2014-2015, Valencia Spain

Exchange Student 

Studied Mechanical Engineering 



Excel 85%
WordPress 55%
InDesign 75%
Time management 90%
Communication 95%


  • www.thehildur.com
  • hilduriceland@gmail.com
  • (354) 618 17 17
  • (34) 631 06 00 15

Giles Bristow


Andy Omilianowski


Hrafnhildur Johannesdottir


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