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Hildur Rut

Life Lover


2019, August, Iceland


Hired as an operations manager when the company was moving from one warehouse to another, creating budget- and time plans


2019, August, Iceland

Mýrarboltinn Bolungarvík

Site Manager on a small but popular festival in the countryside in Iceland  


2019, August, Iceland

Ed Sheeran

Builder in the Site Crew 


2019, July, Iceland

Kátt á Klambra

Site Manager 

Drew the site map in Autocad with respect to electricity and water. Hired a team to build up the festival area and took care of all the installation and take down related to the site


2019, February, Iceland

Secret Solstice

Operation Manager 

Running all operations on site, among hiring teams for all departments relevant to the site build up


2018, October, Iceland

Reykjavík Live

Boutique designer on the main street in Reykjavik, 101 Laugavegur


2018, July, Iceland

Guns and Roses

Co Office Manager


2017, August-September, Croatia

Dimensions and Outlook Festivals

Site Office and Event Control Manager    


2014 - 2017, June, Iceland

Secret Solstice

Site Office Manager  (2017) 

MMS for vendors and off venues (2016) 

Bar manager  (2014) 

2016 – 2017, Iceland

Hotel Reykjavik Apartments

Reception Supervisor   

2005 – 2016, Iceland

Various part-time jobs

Sales consultant, shift manager, collecting data and of course bartending



Icelandic 100%
English 95%
Spanish 55%
Danish 30%


2018, Chile & Peru & Colombia

Nano degree in UX design

Nomad MBA -> www.nomad.mba


2013-2017, Iceland

BSc Engineer Management

University of Reykjavik 


2017-2018, Barcelona

Project Employment

Company named Dpointgroup.
Tasks; creating videos and marketing on Social Media 


2017, Barcelona

Project Employment

Teaching public speaking and lectures


2014-2015, Valencia Spain

Exchange Student 

Studied Mechanical Engineering 



Excel 85%
WordPress 75%
Adobe Photoshop & Indesign 90%
Time management 90%
Communication 95%
AutoCad 85%

About Me

An Icelandic viking girl, young professional with good experience in event production and organising office operations. Communication, negotiation and relationship-building skills with excellent leadership and the ability to ‘make things happen’. Always looking for a new project and challenges to undertake.  



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Andy Omilianowski


Hrafnhildur Johannesdottir


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